Apnadesi Multigrain Atta 10 KG

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Apnadesi Multigrain is packed with goodness of 9 premium Grains includes Whole Soyabean, Desi Chana Makka, Jau, Jowar,  Bajra,Ragi and Alsi. Rich in Vitamin A,B,B3,B6,B9,B12,C,E K1 , Protien, Minerals . Helps in Regulating Blood Pressure, Sugar and Prevent Constipation.


Apnadesi Multigrain Atta

Apnadesi Multigrain Atta with 9 Multigrains

Free delivery in 2-5 days

Packed with goodness of 9 healthy Grains and Prepared only after placing order.

Feels Lite after eating, Controls Sugar, Blood pressure and Prevents Cancer , naturally increase Immunity.



Traditional Chakki Grounded

Gross Weight 10.000 KG

Net Multigrain Flour weight 9.900 KG

1 review for Apnadesi Multigrain Atta 10 KG

  1. Surendra Manjrekar

    Better than service along with better quality

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