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Elementor #25323

apnadesi aata

Apnadesi Multigrain Atta Combination of 9 Healthy Grains

Whole Wheat, Makka , Jowar ,Bajra , Jyo,

Soyabean , Desi Chana , Ragi ,Alsi

Real Multigrain



67% Whole Wheat + 33% Multigrains Mixture

Unique Scientific Mixture of Multigrains That gives Most health Benifits with Soft Tasty Rotis

It’s Your Own Brand ,  

Customize It..

Let’s make your Own Multigrain  with special quanity of Grains,


apnadesi atta protien

Delivery Across India,

Free Delivery in Indore City within 7 Hours , other cities across India shipping available nominial shipping charges, delivery time  2-4 days.